MPR Plays

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Created by Will Detlefsen, Molly Gillis, Tess Niedermeyer, Will Seefried, Logan George, & Nick Smerkanich

Developed through a 4-month residency with The Field, YEAR of the HIPPO is MPR’s newest devised production set to premiere in the summer of 2013. It is a play that explores our generation’s search for The American Dream in a world with high unemployment rates and high student loan debt. Set in a magical and stylistically tilted version of New York City, 5 people question the gap between what they want to do and what they are doing. Inspired by Siddhartha, SallieMae, & magical hippos, YEAR of the HIPPO is a modern myth about idealistic opportunities and dreams in a dark, strange, unfortunate world.

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Written by Harold Pinter

Directed by Will Detlefsen

The Cast included Logan George, Molly Gillis, Noah Shalom, Peter Graham, Nick Smerkanich, & Alex Milak

The Production Team included Ryan Maeker, Charlie Gaidica, Sarah Lurie, Carolyn Cutillo, Ramsey Scott, A.P. Andrews, Michael Norton, Teri Madonna, Alice Fiedler, Vanessa Koppel, Alexandra Pike, & Mitchell McCoy

Our first production of a published play, The Birthday Party was MPR’s experiment in riffing on a playwright’s style. Heavily inspired by the Haneke film, Funny Games, MPR’s production of The Birthday Party leaned heavily into the styles of absurdism and psychological thriller. A play about Stanley Webber and his ambiguous and demented relationship with two men who show up at the door to take him away explores themes of nightmare, regret, torture, and maybe a little bit of insanity. With a vibrant and energetic cast of twisted minds, this was a birthday party like no other. The Birthday Party ran for two weeks at the 14th Street Y Theater in February 2012.

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Created by Will Detlefsen, Noah Shalom, Ariana DiLorenzo, Alex Milak, & Nick Smerkanich

BUILDINGS. is an original musical that follows four people who find themselves atop a building together. Through reenactments of past experiences, they search for an answer to why any of them are there. Experimenting with genres such as science fiction, absurdism, and the avant-garde, BUILDINGS. is an eclectic and charmingly witty new musical. BUILDINGS. received a presentation at the Cabaret Theatre of LaMama during the FAB Festival of 2011.

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Created by Will Detlefsen, Noah Shalom, Ariana DiLorenzo, Will Seefried, Tess Niedermeyer, Molly Gillis, Josephine Spada, Rebecca Russell, Kelly Colburn, Alexandra Pike, Chip Miller, & Adin Lenahan

Televise THIS! is an original play set inside the house of a reality TV show called “731 Area Code.” 7 contestants. 3 months. 1 price. Watch as seven strangers compete for the greatest prize in reality show history. Watch as love, friendship, war, family, religion, betrayal, guilt, obsession, and death make for one of the most dramatic and emotional reality TV shows America has ever seen.

This is MultiPurposeRoom’s first production that explores reality TV
as a cultural phenomenon, reality and existence according to
philosophical studies, and the reality & unreality of loss and
loneliness within American television. Televise THIS! premiered at 440 Studios in September of 2010.



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