What is MPR?

About MultiPurposeRoom:

MultiPurposeRoom is a theatre company of performers and artists who collaborate to write and devise brand new ways of seeing theatre. We strive to unearth complication in the seemingly simplistic ideals of popular culture. By investigating the magic of the mundane mixed with the modern fascinations with celebrity and technology, we encounter contradiction, nuance, and unimaginable humanity.

At times a new work, at times a new way of seeing an old work, MPR loves to defy expectation. We believe there is a hole in the donut of theatre and we exist to fill that hole. 

MultiPurposeRoom’s Mission:

MultiPurposeRoom is a theatre company making modern myths that debunk the impossibilities of our social realities. We bridge character and performer, connecting the peculiarities of the actors with an epic and nuanced storytelling sensibility. Heart-full, humorous, and infinitely curious, we are the rambunctious philosophers of our generation.

the impossibilities are endless…


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