Meet-the-Artist: Noah


Full Name:

Noah Shalom

Projects I have been involved in with MPR:

Televise THIS!, BUILDINGS., The Birthday Party

How would I describe MultiPurposeRoom, in my own words?

An escape from reality with a new reality where reality bends and twists to form MultiPurposeRoom’s version of reality—that of ‘funprovacotiveawesome’.

How/when did I get started with MPR?

Will sent me a very articulate email during the summer before my senior year….a summer filled with loneliness and The Office, and in this email I saw a chance at the unknown, and then I joined up for Televise THIS! and never looked back.

What is my favorite MPR project?

The next thing that we haven’t done yet.

How is MPR’s process different from other processes I’ve been a part of?

Writing through improvisation has really stuck with me, letting story and character happen out of interactions with each other, and then forming a concise play is just called ‘editing’.

Complete this sentence: I bet you didn’t know that MPR______

Is full of people who don’t just ‘like’ each other… they ‘like like’ each other.

Where do I see MPR in 10 years?

In Los Angeles, with MEEE

What do I hope MPR’s next project is?

Has a Sci-Fi play ever worked? Ever been ATTEMPTED?

What is most distinctive about MPR?

Serious play.

What movie should have won Best Picture?

Saving Private Ryan is better than Shakespeare in Love…….fuckin….come on.

What is my favorite TV show?

Right now, Friends is making a fucking comeback guys. Every episode is filled with gold.

What is my favorite book?

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Murakami has stayed with me for a long time now. Please read this.

What is my favorite album?

“Plans” by Death Cab For Cutie.

What is my idea of the perfect date?

I literally had a dream just 6 hours ago and me and Kate Upton were just like….hanging out, taking about things……………………………………………


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