Meet-the-Artist: Ariana


Full Name:

Ariana DiLorenzo

Projects you have been involved in with MPR:

Televise THIS!, BUILDINGS., Connie & Carla

How would you describe MultiPurposeRoom, in your own words?

A collective of young artists using their immediate circumstances to create art that speaks to a universal audience.

How/when did you get started with MPR?

I got started in MPR after the artistic director, Will Detelfsen and I took a class at NYU together. Best run-in ever.

What is your favorite MPR Project?

Televise THIS! Duh.

How is MPR’s process different from other processes you have been a part of?

What I like most about MPR is that we have two processes. 1. Is the creating of the work: improvisation, writing exercises, movement exploration. The show itself is devised from the freedom we have to play in this process. 2. The actual rehearing of the play once the script is finished. This allows the actors to take the show on as a formal script and create character and make acting choices. I think the two processes combine are what make MPR shows special.

Complete this sentence: I bet you didn’t know that MPR_____.

has a really good looking group of company members.

Where do you see MPR in 10 years?

On Broadway, I hope! Or just making theater that is able to tour the world and reach new audiences with each show.

What do you hope MPR’s next project is? 

A show that is “devised” theater under the guise of a true play.

What is most distinctive about MPR?

The subject matter and comedy. There is a youthful quality to the company that sets it a part.

What movie should have won Best Picture?


What is your favorite TV Show?

Friends and Sex and the City

What is your favorite Book?

Favorite Play: tie between Closer/Barefoot in the Park

What is your favorite Album?

Oof, too many.

What is your idea of the perfect date?

A directionless night with the person you love most.


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