Meet-the-Artist: Nick


Full Name:

Nick Smerkanich

 Projects you have been involved in with MPR: 

YEAR of the HIPPO (Hotch), The Birthday Party (Petey), & BUILDINGS. (Jack)

How would you describe MultiPurposeRoom, in your own words?

Start with the cry of a turkey

Enters a man with a longsword (flamberge maybe?)

Man eyes broad expanse of sky

Offers prayer to his war god

He begins to run down the valley

Trips on pebble

Turkey breaks his fall

Man continues to find glory

End with the cry of the turkey

How/when did you get started with MPR?

I had just finished working on Will’s Playwrights’ directing piece Happy Journey from Trenton to Camden and the love affair continues.

What is your favorite MPR Project?

Attacking a written play as complex as The Birthday Party was frightening and wonderful because it allowed us make stronger choices that added growing maturity as a company.

How is MPR’s process different from other processes you have been a part of?

The way we start with such expansive topics, like LOVE or DREAMS and from there just taking that leap and making work. To work from the beginning with such big ideas, makes certain that you will never forget what essence you’re striving for and they will always serve as a safety net in moments of doubt.

Complete this sentence: I bet you didn’t know that MPR ______.

Files taxes? I don’t know. Do we file taxes yet? I feel like we should find that out.

Where do you see MPR in 10 years?


Or the company in residency in some national theatre.

What do you hope MPR’s next project is? 

I like a good Shakespeare.

What is most distinctive about MPR?

The people, always the people in it. The rare blend of playfulness and poetry in the room.

What movie should have won Best Picture?

Really missed the awards this year and didn’t see many of the movies. Still shocked When in Rome starring Kristen Bell was never nominated in 2010.

What is your favorite TV Show?

The early seasons of The West Wing, any made for TV Masterpiece Theatre series, & Community

What is your favorite Book?

Over the Anvil We Stretch by Anis Mojgani

What is your favorite Album?

Any version of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto

What is your idea of the perfect date?

The unexpected date. She shows up unannounced with a bottle of whiskey and we do some damage to the bottle and then go out and get some food. Find a bookstore and find our favorite books to share. Might be sappy, but I like it.


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