Meet-the-Artist: Molly

Full Name:
Molly Gillis
Projects you have been involved in with MPR:
Year of the Hippo, The Birthday Party, Televise THIS!
How would you describe MultiPurposeRoom, in your own words?
A group of passionate Beyonce fans. (Oh just me and Will? Mmkay.)
A company of passionate theatre makers, writers, movers, dreamers, cliche loving fools.
How/when did you get started with MPR?
When Will and I sat in the back of a theatre in the West Village as the curtain rose on a terrible play and decided to name the group MultiPurposeRoom. (Will is this true? My memory says yes but my memory sort of has its own mind, ya know what i mean?)
What is your favorite MPR Project?
Can I count warming up as a project? Because my favorite part of all things MPR is warming up.
How is MPR’s process different from other processes you have been a part of?
The MPR process begins with saying YES to about everything and staying with that spirit for as long as humanly possible. So we’re basically doing a revival of Anything Goes constantly (I mean I’ve never seen Anything Goes, but I’m just hoping it’s a musical about people who love saying YES to choices and ideas no matter how bizarre)
Complete this sentence: I bet you didn’t know that MPR _____.
loves to swim.
Where do you see MPR in 10 years?
Sponsored by Red Bull? Actually red bull will probably be illegal then. But that would be fun, to be sponsored by some kind of illegal substance. Would that be an edgy image? We are not edgy at all so maybe we should work on that.
What do you hope MPR’s next project is? 
A remake of Fly Away Home. Kidding. Wooster Group already has the rights.
What is most distinctive about MPR?
We do not take ourselves too seriously. We’re really serious about that.
What movie should have won Best Picture?
The Master. 
What is your favorite TV Show?
Right now, it’s Workaholics. But I should be classy and say The West Wing so yeah that.
What is your favorite Book?
The Book of Mormon. (I’ve never seen it though, how do I get tickets?????)
What is your favorite Album?
This one scrapbook album that my childhood best friend Katlyn made for me we when I turned 16.
What is your idea of the perfect date?
Answering a really great detailed survey. I had a great time tonight. Can we do this again?
But also anytime where I’m laughing with someone. But if that someone were also George Clooney mixed with Jason Seagull’s height and the wit of Seth Meyers….I mean I wouldn’t be mad at THAT you know?

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