Meet-the-Artist: Tess

red,cute sideFull Name:

Tess Niedermeyer

Projects you have been involved in with MPR:

Televise THIS! & YEAR of the HIPPO

How would you describe MultiPurposeRoom, in your own words?

I would say that MultiPurposeRoom is a theater company directed by a very talented Will Detlefsen with six outstanding actors who all hail from NYU Tisch. MPR is still a very young company in that we are continuing to figure out the impact we want to make not only artistically, but also culturally. MultiPurposeRoom embraces our members’ youth in the theater we reach to create and is fully aware that our view of the world is limited. Through this, MPR uses humor, contemporary dialogue, pop music and unconventional modes of theatrical storytelling to somehow get across who we are in New York City in our twenties.

How/when did you get started with MPR?

I got started with MPR the first day I laid my eyes on Will Detlefsen. Playwrights Horizons Theater School, Purple Group, 2008.

What is your favorite MPR Project?

Definitely YEAR of the HIPPO.

How is MPR’s process different from other processes you have been a part of?

We usually do not have a script. That is a big difference.

Complete this sentence: I bet you didn’t know that MPR _____________

loves donuts.

Where do you see MPR in 10 years?

Still making theater. Hopefully in a better space, with paid artists, collaborating with the upcoming NYC playwrights and choreographers. Some of which may already be in our company.

What do you hope MPR’s next project is? 

I hope it is a classic myth, or a racy comedy. I’m down to laugh.

What is most distinctive about MPR?

Our kick ass talent onstage and off.

What movie should have won Best Picture?

Definitely not Argo, or Lincoln. Zero Dark Thirty or Silver Linings Playbook. I think I disrespect the Oscars about 40% more after this years nominations.

What is your favorite TV Show?

Newsroom. Homeland. The New Girl. Girls.  Game of Thrones.

What is your favorite Book?

The Giver. House on Mango Street. According to those it seems I stopped reading after the 5th grade.

What is your favorite Album?

“Funeral.”  Arcade Fire

What is your idea of the perfect date?

A sunny room, a big bed, and a record player. That’s all I need.


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