MPR’s Fresh Ground Pepper Performance!

Hey everyone!

MultiPurposeRoom is heading into our third month of rehearsal for our newest original play called YEAR of the HIPPO. We were asked back in January as part of Fresh Ground Pepper’s birthday celebration, to perform a section of a work-to-be-created-in-2012, and at that time it was called The Work/Dream Documentary Play. (A horrible title, we know. That’s why we changed it.)

The play still carries the question from this selection presented for FGP: If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?

YEAR of the HIPPO follows six characters in the time span of the year post-graduation from college. A time when toy hippos are being sold everywhere, and each hippo carries an egg. If you find the hippo with the pink egg, you can wish for anything in the world, and it will come true. This is a play about our generation’s version of The American Dream and what it means enter the real world of “adult life.”





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