The Longest Day of the Year

By Lauren Noble
So, unfortunately I didn’t write a poem. Everyone else decided to write poems and I am really just not much of a poet. This is probably going to not be very artsy either… I’m not an artist. I hope that’s ok. What I decided to write about might actually not be that interesting but it’s something I have been thinking a lot about.  
My friend and I needed an excuse to have a dinner party. We love to cook and entertain and wanted a reason to have some big fancy sit down dinner party up on our roof (which is really the roof of a Laundromat). It actually isn’t a great place for a dinner party, or any party for that matter, because there are these huge cylindrical vents popping up every 10 feet up there blowing out air from the dryers. I suppose the smell of dryer sheets isn’t the worst smell to have blowing on you, but there’s a lot of hot air and I also don’t think dryer sheet smell goes too well with food, but I’m getting off topic.
Anyways. We decided to have a dinner party and someone at my office had mentioned that this week (this Wednesday actually) is the summer solstice. Which is to say, the longest day of the year. Wow. I mean, I guess that’s something to celebrate… especially for those of us who spend the entirety of our days cooped up in offices, and the amount of actual sunlight we get is meager if not nutritionally insufficient every other day of the year. Anyways. This time of the year is also referred to as Midsummer, just like a Midsummers Night Dream. I’ve had images in my head all week of what we will eat, and how we will decorate our laundry-scented roof to prepare the perfect dinner for the 12 guests that will be coming.
I don’t know how important this is, but I’m finding that I need to have things to look forward to. Whether it be a dinner party, or the longest night of the year, or a TV show that’s coming on. Having a day to day routine doesn’t only make you lose out on precious daylight, but I’m starting to think it’s making me lose out on time as well.  Days, weeks, months, entire seasons are slipping by and although I feel as if I barely have time to look in the rear view mirror as they pass, I’m not quite sure what it is that is causing this. I don’t feel like I am accomplishing anything huge. Or curing cancer. Or making a lot of money. I’m hoping that creating these small points in time will somehow force time to slow down a little bit. I’m hoping that by starting to be able to look forward to things, small things, that looking backwards will also be a little easier. If I can look forward to the longest day of the year… I might actually gain a little more time. If anyone comes to my party.

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