P.S. MPR’s New Play!

Hi Everyone, 

MultiPurposeRoom is at it again: another summer will be spent developing a new play. Previously known as The Untitled Work/Dream Documentary Play (a self-admitted terrible title), the play is now called:

P.S. The World Is Ending This Friday.

It is a play that attempts to capture our generation’s version of The American Dream. 

It is a play that questions what money can buy … and what it can’t.

It is a play that asks: “If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?”

We are in a funny time. And our generation is in a funny place. We are all searching for the golden ticket in a modern Willy Wonka world. Stay tuned for a workshop of our new play in early Fall 2012, with performances and writing by Logan George, Molly Gillis, Alex Milak, Tess Niedermeyer, Will Seefried, Noah Shalom, and Nick Smerkanich.


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