You’re Invited To: THE BIRTHDAY PARTY Celebration of the Century!

Dear Friends of MPR:

The first thing you should know is TICKETS are on sale NOW! You can reserve your ticket online by clicking here. Tickets are ONLY $10! Remember we have ONLY 6 PERFORMANCES so get your tickets early to reserve your seat!

We are heading into our final rehearsals before we Load-In at the Theater at the 14th Street Y and this play is getting the whole company excited. We hope our production of The Birthday Party will entertain and terrify you. Consider this your invitation to what is sure to be the CRAZIEST birthday party of your life.

This play is made up of a series of games and is greatly inspired by Michael Haneke’s horror film, Funny GamesThe Birthday Party is a menacing play about Stanley Webber, a young man with a big secret, who lives with a young married couple, Meg and Petey. At first everyone wakes up to a typical morning routine of reading the newspaper, eating breakfast, and seemingly meaningless conversation. But Pinter’s Pauses tell a different story. (Pause.) And with the entrance of “two gentlemen” who wish to stay the night and throw Stanley a party for his birthday, the rules of the game change. Be prepared to question everything you think you understand about these people.

Stanley: Logan George
Meg: Alex Milak
Goldberg: Noah Shalom
McCann: Peter Graham
Petey: Nick Smerkanich
Lulu: Molly GIllis
Directed By: Will Detlefsen
Assistant Directed By: Teri Madonna
Stage Managed By: Carolyn Cutillo
Dramaturgy By: A.P. Andrews
Set Design By: Charlie Gaidica
Light Design By: Sarah Lurie
Sound Design By: Ryan Maeker
Media Design By: Alice Fiedler
Costumer Design By: Ramsey Scott
Props Design By: Michael Norton
Fight Choreography By: Mitchell McCoy
MPR Executive Director: Lauren Noble
MPR Marketing Director: Vanessa Koppel
MPR Social Media Director: Alexandra Pike
Logan George, Noah Shalom, & Peter Graham in rehearsal for the Interrogation Scene of Pinter’s “The Birthday Party,” opening February 18th, 2012.

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