Calling All Artists!

Dear Artists and Collaborators,
Let’s face it: we all have ideas – plays we’re dying to write and perform, dance pieces to get out of our systems, but inevitably we all face the same issue: finding and paying for performance space. That’s why, on behalf of the creative teams of MultiPurposeRoom’s “The Birthday Party” and The Jig Is Up’s “The Cherry Orchard”, we are offering you a rare opportunity: FREE SPACE to showcase and workshop your latest idea.
This February, we are coming together to perform “The Birthday Party” and “The Cherry Orchard” in rep at the 14th Street Y. On the evening of February 20th, we will be taking a traditional Monday “dark night” to host a showcase of new work. “The Dark Night,” will be an evening where we offer a beautiful Off-Broadway theatre, technical support, and the chance for artistic feedback for FREE!
Check out a picture of the 14th Street Y Theater here:
We are looking to showcase work from all artistic mediums. So, dust off that old COW piece or Indie that you always wanted to expand on, present a reading of your new play, bring us your paintings and sculptures to display, your short films to screen; songs, dances, poetry, step routines, etc. There is no theme, only free space, libations, and a 20 minute time limit.
Here are the facts…
·         The event will take place on the evening of Monday, February 20th
·         Your piece must be executed with minimal technical requirements
·         Everyone involved in your piece must be available to tech at some point after 5pm on Sunday, February 19th or before 5pm on Monday, February 20th. 
To be considered for The Dark Night, please send us a proposal of the work you intend to show no later than Sunday January 15, 2012. The piece does not need to be completed by then, but you must have some kind of beginning and a clear notion of what it will become. We will ask you to send us a completed version a week before the performance.
*Email your proposal to
This is a chance to see, be seen, and foster the growth of our artistic community together. We are very excited about this night. Please help us make it a success by sending your proposals.  
Let us know if you have any questions, or would like to get involved in any other way as well. 
Thank you,
The Dark Night Team
Will Detlefsen, Lauren LaRocca, and Alyssa Block



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