Dear Friends,
We have very exciting news (which some of you may may already know)! MultiPurposeRoom will produce its first published play in 2012! And we’re taking on Pinter!
WHO: MultiPurposeRoom!
WHAT: Harold Pinter’s “The Birthday Party”
WHERE: The 14th Street Y Theatre (between 1st and 2nd Avenue)
WHEN: February 18th-26th (6 performances in rep with Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” created and performed by another company, directed by Kelly Colburn)
WHY: As a company, we love to deconstruct big stereotypes or archetypes or classics and bring them to the modern world with new verve and thrill. One time, and one time only, MPR will take on PINTER, and you don’t want to miss this absurdly terrifying wildly new version of the Pinter you may know and love/hate.
Want to have a taste of what this play might feel like. Here: watch this!

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