Happy 4th of July!

Thank you for visiting MultiPurposeRoom’s blog! We are a new theatre company based in New York City and we are currently in rehearsal for a new play called “BUILDINGS.
BUILDINGS. is divided into four parts, each with a different headline: Love, Family, Money, & Existence. Each mini-play will have its own protagonist and its own genre/form of storytelling. As we are still writing/developing the play, we only know that Love is a musical comedy about a man named Jack who is told just before the play begins that he has 24 hours left to live. He sets out to find someone to fall in love with him before his time is up, believing that love is the most important part of life. Jack finds Jane while speed-dating. Jack and Jane’s subconsciouses are the musical voices in this play. To hear a song from the show, watch the video below.
BUILDINGS. is an epic whirlwind of theatrical form and story-telling that questions the meaning of life and all of its requirements. It is a search for balance– it is a longing for a sense of resilience when everything seems out of reach. What do you do when you lose everything that matters in life?
A workshop will be held at 440 Studios September 2nd-4th, 2011. We hope to see you there!

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