BUILDINGS. (A new play)

Hello everyone!

We are now in our fourth week of rehearsals and we have so many updates!

1. The title for this summer’s show is “BUILDINGS.”

2. We have just completed a draft of the “Love” section of our play. Nick plays Jack, the protagonist of this quirky romantic musical comedy (sort-of). Jack’s girlfriend of three years walks out on him after he’s told he will die within 24 hours. He makes it his mission to find another woman to fall in love with him before the end of his life. Where better to start when you’re low on time than speed dating? The search is on; the clock is ticking.

3.  “BUILDINGS.” will be workshopped this Fall at 440 Studios in New York in the White Box Theatre, September 2nd-4th.

More information coming soon!

4. Did we mention this part of the play is a musical?


One thought on “BUILDINGS. (A new play)

  1. Nicky,
    The cast is numbered? If you’re #15, how many are in this docu-drama-screen play comedy(sort of)? And that young lady sitting next to you as you appear to be working looks like Nat! How funny.
    Uncle Mark (and the chickies…)

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