A. L.O.V.E. P.L.A.Y

Hey everyone!

MultiPurposeRoom is in its second week of rehearsals now. We are working to conceptualize the “LOVE” part to our 4-part play. We’ll be working with this for the next two weeks. 

So far, we know it’s a musical. And it’s a comedy. Therefore it’s a musical comedy. 

Also, if anyone knows of any good speed-dating places, let someone in MPR know! We are all very interested in going speed dating, as that is where this play begins.

Check out our new video by clicking the “MPR VIDEO” tab up above!

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Tell your friends about us! You know the drill!

Stay tuned! We have two web-series coming soon! The first to premiere next week!


One thought on “A. L.O.V.E. P.L.A.Y

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