MPR Back in Action!


Exciting UPDATE! MultiPurposeRoom started rehearsals TODAY for their newest piece to be workshopped this Fall 2011. 
The play stars four of our seven company actors: Ariana, Alex, Noah, and Nick.
Since we devise and develop the play as we go, I really have no way of telling you what this show is actually about. That’s part of the fun. The actors bring in writing assignments and compositions and throughout rehearsal we improvise, stage, and deconstruct the original so that we are in a constant state of generating new material. 
Here’s what I can tell you: each actor is attached to a HUGE theme. I remember sitting with Ariana one night last semester doing the whole Final-Semester-Of-Senior-Year-Existential-Crisis-Thing, and discovered that there are four things constantly going through my mind: LOVE, FAMILY, CAREER, & EXISTENCE.
So that’s where we’re starting. Throughout the summer you can expect rehearsal updates, special invitations, video updates, and more! But stay tuned, because if there’s one thing you can expect from MPR … it would be … to expect … wait for it … wait for it … … … the unexpected.
Bum bum bummmm … (cue: epic music a la “The Matrix”)

MultiPurposeRoom presents:

MATRIX: TURN OFF THE SAFETY (a new musical). Spring 2035.


P.S. We have a Facebook page for you to like and a Twitter for you to follow! I promise to only Twate interesting things.
Twitter: @MPRplays

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